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Northern Portugal

Lisbon, Braga, Porto and Guimaraes.

57899490-a3c1-11e8-b801-11e628e89e19.JPG928fb520-a3c0-11e8-b801-11e628e89e19.JPG30ce87d0-a3c0-11e8-b801-11e628e89e19.JPG9dda8490-a3b2-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGb8311250-a3b2-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGdedc3600-a3b2-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPG7490e840-a3b2-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGlarge_a21685c0-a3a0-11e8-8e69-e51f27fbdca5.JPG Porto----------------------------------------------------------------------------I took the overnight train from Irun Spain to Lisbon Portugal. I stayed in Lisbon ,Oporto and Braga.-------------Portugal is on the western edge of Europe, on the Atlantic Coast----Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the currency is the Euro.----Plenty of sandy beaches.,in Portugal.119420f0-a3a2-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPG341c27d0-a3a2-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPG528e5850-a3a2-11e8-9255-a7e5bd7ecc0c.JPG85bfa940-a3a2-11e8-9255-a7e5bd7ecc0c.JPG-----Lisbon claims to have 40 museums to visit.---The main feature in the city is Rossi square in the lower town ,big and bustling with people, and dominated by the statue of Don Pedro IV.---Near here is the wrought iron lift built 1902, its name is Elevador de Santa Justa , there is a a viewing terrace with panoramic views of the city. The river is the Tagus. I moved on to Porto, the train takes less than 3 hours.---------------------------------------1abb32c0-a3a4-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPG2dd8d830-a3a4-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPG436051b0-a3a4-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPG63fcdc40-a3a4-11e8-979c-39ee852f824a.JPGLisbon rail station.----------------------------------------------------Porto on the river Douro is Portugals second city, it is where Port wine the fortified wine is produced. Most Port producers have free visits. I went round Krohn and sampled two wines ( enough for me, i prefer beer). A feature of Porto is the iconic bridge across the river, by the bridge on the city side is a funicular.----High speed trains arrive at Porto Campania station,you can then continue to Porto San Bento station.-- When you buy a ticket, you receive a receipt and a green card, the receipt is useless. The green card must be validated by machine at platform before travel. Even though Port is made here i enjoyed the beer Super Bock.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Moved to Braga near the spanish border, stayed at Ibis hotel. While here i visited the church Santuario de Bom Jesus on a hill 6km ( 4 miles ) from Braga took bus. There is a stairway to the church , but i took the old water driven funicular. --- Another trip from Braga was by train to Guimaraes a lovely place.5a642cd0-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPG85194000-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPG9d5467d0-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGb5c1c330-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGccae4af0-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPGe75a99d0-a3b6-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPG03fe24d0-a3b7-11e8-aa34-f76416f4b7d7.JPG---for info click on small photos.

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